Cereal war!

Well, I now have 2 kittens that have joined my daily parade. No matter where I go in the house, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats following me. They are either trotting beside me, in front of me or on my heels. I feel like a circus clown in constant training with animals! It’s comical watching myself go from one room to another. This is my adventure going from the kitchen to the family room today.

I’m in the kitchen…alone…they didn’t follow me because they were napping on the couch, behind the couch and on the floor in front of the couch. My nice couch, now covered in hair. I’ve learned from years of experience, that a dog or cat can hear the refrigerator door open a mile away and come running. So I slowly pull the fridge door open so it doesn’t make a sound. Success! I didn’t hear a thing!! I reach in for my milk, glanced down and there are 3 dogs wagging their tails and 2 cats licking their chops 4 inches away from me. Really? There was NO sound of that door opening! I rolled my eyes and in my ‘I’m the boss’voice, told them to go away, there’s nothing in there for them! They didn’t buy it. The 5 of them sat there, in a row, watching me fix a bowl of cereal. I now have to make my way from the kitchen to my comfy lazyboy chair (also covered in hair) without tripping or letting an unholy word slip through my lips. I hold my bowl high, say a quick prayer and take a step towards them because they are blocking the entrance. They don’t move. As a matter of fact, the tails have stopped wagging and the cats are now in a pounce position. The fight for my cereal is about to begin! I take a step forward, they take two. I hold my bowl above my head, they squint their eyes at me. I say “MOVE”…they do…towards me. I make a bold move by sprinting between Biscuit and Golden King. I catch them off guard and they fall into each other trying to turn around so they can surround me. I’m practicaly running to my covered in cat/dog hair chair, surrounded by animals galloping beside, behind, and in front of me. I made it with only one spill that the littlest cat is lapping up off the wood floor. I flop down in my chair which makes a tiny hair cloud float around my food ( I quickly blow it away before it lands in my cereal)and smirk at the pets with the ‘I rule, you drool’ thought. I would like to say I ate my breakfast in peace, enjoying every bite, but it isn’t so. I had 2 dogs in front of me breathing hard, one dog (chippie) on the chair with me, his nose touching the rim of my bowl, a cat behind me pawing at my food around my shoulder and the other cat jumping on and off my lap trying to get me to spill it. So…I’m not kidding…I’m swatting a cat paw, using my left leg to bounce the other cat off, swinging my bowl around to keep chippies tongue out of it and trying NOT to breathe in hot, smelly dog breath! I put up a good fight! I got to eat about 95% of it. The rest is on the carpet being lapped up by Misty Blue, some of it is on the chair arm being licked clean by Chippie, and the bowl with a few flakes floating around, is now on the floor with the other 3 furry heads inside it growling and hissing at each other.


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