the Alpaca screams at birds!

Earlier today I was out in the pasture with all the kids when Lincoln our alpaca started to cry out his warning call! He was staring past the chicken yard towards the pecan trees that grow along side the now dying weeds. Sweetie & Violet were also standing still looking in the same direction. So I walked over there to see what they were looking at. I stood next to Lincoln, straining to see some kind of predator lurking in the tall browning plants. He kept up the war cry, I kept squinting. I couldn’t figure it out…..then….I saw it! It was black, shiny and making an eerie clicking sound! He was fussing over an oversized black bird! Yep, that’s right…a bird! A big one, but still a bird. This black terror was pecking away at llama poop as 4 or 5 more of his family members perched in a nearby tree were making those weird sounds. I looked at Lincoln who was still staring, yelling out his alpaca call and said….”really? A bird?”. He didn’t answer me. He kept up his vigil of bird watching. I went back to the barn thinking the boy has lost his marbles!


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