Christmas at the farm!

DEC 21…

I’m almost positive that Santa will be skipping the farm this year! The naughties have been just that….naughty!!! I went into the barn today to find that the natives broke through the main gate…again….eating all my treats that I put in there last night, on the table, up high. I had 4 boxes of stale crackers, cookies and some bread. They not only ate every last crumb, but most of the boxes were gone…eaten. What was left were tiny pieces of shredded cardboard and wax paper. They also knocked over the kitties water and ate the fresh hay that was to be their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. Not anymore, they ate almost the whole bale before breakfast!
I tried to explain to them that Santa knows everything! He knows if they’ve been bad or good, so be GOOD for goodness sake! They nodded their heads in agreement as if to say , “sorry”, then within 3.8 seconds, the donkey was pushing the goats out of the way, Laci the mini tank shoved the alpaca into the wall and Sammie spit at everyone! Coal….that’s what I’m writing to Santa about this week….coal!!!

DEC 23…

Yep. They know it’s Christmas time! All animals are on their best behavior right now! I went out to feed them and they let me in without shoving to be number one in line for hay. Dunkay stepped aside to let Laci come forward. She in turn, let Lincoln eat first who shared his yummy grain with Sammie who let both goat’s eat the left over crumbs without spitting on them. After lunch, they stood there without demanding more. I turned to leave and they all followed me winking as they tried to let each other go out first. They know I have a direct line to Santa.

DEC 24…

Well the animals are lined up, waiting for Santa to stop by and hand out gifts! I think I’ll keep them waiting for awhile. I’m enjoying their good behavior!!

DEC 25…

Well the naughties were just that…naughty! They were so close to seeing Santa this year.  So close!  We went out to the barn yesterday and they broke through the main gate AGAIN, eating all the lama food!  A brand new 50 lb. bag. What’s so bad about that you ask? Horses And donkeys can not eat allot of grain. It will make them sick, they could ‘flounder’ which is their hooves getting soft, sore and infected. It can make them lame.  If that happens, you have to put them down. The goats will also get sick cause their tummies will bloat from too much grain. Of course the food we had out was a special mix for mama llama and baby Promise, filled with extra vitamins and protein made just for nursing. Not good for other animals. So we locked em up in the barn. We need to run to the vet today and get pills to get a jump start ahead of anything that may make them sick. No gifts for Addie Addie Acres this year!


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