Peeking Lamas!

Our llamas love to look inside our house.  They mosey up to the windows and peek in. They will also stand outside the back or front door when open watching us with curious eyes! There have been times when we walked from room to room, they followed us window to window. If I’m in the kitchen I can see one of the Llamas staring in at me. If I go from that room and into the living room, she will walk to each window peeking in until I’m in her line of sight again.  One time I went from one room to another to see if the llamas’ would follow and for how long. We played the peek-a-boo game for almost 5 min.  I went into the family room, they found that window and stood there.  I snuck back into the kitchen, a llama or two trotted from window to window until they found me doing their stalk look. They enjoy looking through the glass door, it gives them a full view of the house with everything going on inside it! It makes them very happy!!  I don’t know if I should call them nosy, curious or creepers!

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