Dances With Horses!

Dancing with horses is my new winter fun past time! All I need is a thick patch of ice and a horse with stubby little legs who makes up dance steps along with me. Laci the min tank, is a great partner! I slide to her, she slides past me. I grab for her mane as I skate on past, she does the splits. I twirl around trying to hang onto icy fur, she throws her head into the air as her hooves run without moving. After about 40 seconds of our dance, we both stand completely still, afraid to move.  I look at her, she at me, each of us waiting for the other to move first. I roll my eyes, take a deep breath and try to move along side her, using her wet back as my brace on the ice. I got past my dance partner and carefully step towards the barn where Dunkay is standing watching the show. He comes trotting out with his ‘play time’ look in his eyes and trots towards me. This girl is not going to dance with a donkey. I turn around and go back to the house, no more dancing with animals!

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