Dunkay and the egg search. Nov 14th, 2013

Everyday is an Easter egg hunt for me!  The hens and I play hide and seek every single day…they hide their eggs, I seek. I look under barrels, in between hay bales, behind food bins…up, over, under, behind!  They lay those dang eggs in every spot imaginable  except inside their cozy nesting boxes that we made special for them! I have found that I can make my body stretch and bend, using muscles I didn’t know existed and I’m really good with the full body balancing act!  I also learned what the word ‘tip-toe’ means! I need to be careful because no matter how much I push away or yell….I can not get Dunkay to stop looking for the eggs with me!  If I put my hand behind a straw bale, he has his nose buried deep inside sniffing out whatever he thinks I might be hiding from him. If I stand on a bucket to reach up to feel for a nest, he is right behind me nudging my butt, if I’m looking between stacked hay, he is on the other side peeking at me with one eye, which is un-nerving! I learned the hard way never to bend over in front of him or the goats, that singles ‘play time’ for them. He loves the word “NO” since that is what I say to him every time I go into the barn….he must think it is a love phrase, he seems to get excited and wants to play every time I say it!! I have 15 to 20 hens out there and I only found 4 eggs.  They move their nest every time I locate where they are hiding them from me.  Tomorrow Dunkay and I will search for eggs as he plays and I push him away expressing my NO affection for him!

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