Ducks and snow

This is what I have discovered with the first real snow fall of the season….no animal will come out of the barn.  They all sit or stand inside, huddled together which is an amazing feat since the horses and Dunkay don’t like each other and that the goats don’t want to be around anybody but themselves.  However, our Llama Stormy, does keep up on his non-stop run or shall I say guard, along the fence to make sure the boys are not planning to ‘jump’ over to the other side where HIS girls are. The only animal I found that the snow does not bother, are the ducks who seem to enjoy the drifts, leaving behind weaved webbed tracks!  Yep…them ducks are all over the yard.  I found duck trails going from one side of the snow covered yard to the other!  They never stop moving or quacking.

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