Hi Ho-Hi Ho, off to the Vet we go

So…how did you and Chad spend your afternoon together you ask? Well….we took 3 cats and 2 dogs to get a $15.00 rabies vaccination in MC. The cats who were angrily imprisoned in the back of my Jeep, meowed or should I say, ‘screeched’ all the way there with an occasional spat between them, Bouncer and Chippie were fighting for my lap, trying to stick 2 heads out one window…oh and the best …part, Chippie our 4lb Chihuahua had never been on a leash before and he yipped in a high pitch ‘these abusive people are killing me, HELP’!  Yep we managed to turn many heads as folks waiting in line snickered at the small, loud circus walking past them! Bouncer chocking himself on the leash, 3 cats screeching and Chippie…well you know what he did! At least it gave the Vet and his staff a chuckle, helping to break up the hum-drum of a long day for them! Glad we could amuse so many strangers in one day!

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