Swing, Cereal and Animals (wrote may 30th)

Okay…here is my eating on the swing senerio today…Chick chick on my left sitting on the seat, barn kitty on the right side of me, Sparky the horse 6″ from my face, a goat staring up at me from my knee baaaing & Sweetie the black Llama is 10 feet away watching the performance (I swear she is snickering). I try to eat fast as chick chick puts her beak in my cereal, kitty is pawing at my bowl making it spill, Sparky’s nose is inching closer so she can taste the milk splashing & the goat is getting louder cause he can’t get close enough to steal a bite or 5! I wish I had a camera rolling! Can’t wait to see how they act at lunch time!

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