Chrissy VS Llamas (wrote May 1st 2013)

Chrissy…2 Llamas & one open gate….Chrissy, 2 Llamas see one open gate at same time…Chrissy, 2 Llamas RUN for the open gate! Guess who won??? Yep…them Llamas are faster! Now we have 2 Llamas, one busy street and Chrissy freaking out! Chrissy chase after Llamas but they are smarter than the average bear!  Llamas run in street, Chrissy close behind! Llamas get off the street and into the farmers field, Chrissy still in street freaking out, waving her arms & making little scared animal noises! Llamas stop running & start to eat fresh green grass…Chrissy is chasing horses into the barn to keep from running after Llamas. Chrissy is frantically calling Chad for help who then calls me. Llamas are watching Chrissy with great amusement. Chrissy with great determination, ‘herd’ those Llamas with out stretched arms, zig zagging them back into the home land! Poor kid…by the time I got home, she had them in our pasture & she was looking frazzled!  Well done Chrissy and it only took you 30 min!! You are now a farmer!! Sorry I missed the show!

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