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Dunkay our donkey wants in the house

Dunkay our donkey wants in the house

If we would let him in the house, he would be a very happy donkey!


Dunkay and the wheelbarrow

Chad and I worked in the barn most of the day.  I took  a bale of hay to the garage for my bunnies in an old wheelbarrow missing one tire in back so it was not easy to push!  Whats worse is that Dunkay followed me from the barn to the garage eating off the hay bale all the way there. So me, not a very strong person, is pushing a very heavy bale in a loped sided wheelbarrow with a donkey burying his nose deep inside the hay, trotting next to me.  Try keeping a wheelbarrow like that up and going in a straight line with a donkey head inside it and see how it goes! It doesn’t! I had to fight to keep it upright as I yelled at Dunkay all the way, ” GET OUT” which he ignored…on purpose! I told Chad about it and he gave me rolling eyes with a ‘yeah right’ look (I believe he thinks I make this stuff up), I challenged him to take the last bale for me to the garage and see what happens. So guess what?  Yep, that’s right…Dunkay followed him from the barn with half his head buried in the middle of the bale as Chad yelled at him to “GET AWAY” …which he ignored!