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Christmas decorations being put up with animlas!

Chad and I decided Sunday to get all our outside Christmas decorations out and up. We pulled out boxes and tubs filled with lots of holiday stuff. Unfortunately, Dunkay thought it was cute and hopefully edible! So he took a nibble from the blow up Santa that sits on a farm tractor, tasted a few blinking lights, knocked over Frosty the Snowman and pushed a container around with his nose.  Dillon the goat and our ‘mini’ Tank were also curious about everything we were doing and wanted to be in the middle of the action just in case we brought out food! Chad, pushed animals away from our decorations, yelled our favorite phrase, “NO” more than 100 times , chased horses and a donkey out of the garage and gave me the evil eye more than once because I wanted to watch the show, take pictures and capture this special moment on film as he played with his animals!