Watering mothers flowers in the rain

Fun with Mother

I decided to visit mother today and, of course, it was raining, so we sat on the front porch like a couple of old ladies waving at the cars driving past. Since, Mother is much, much much much much older than I and likes to use her ‘respect your elders’ guilt trip on me whenever she can.

Today it was, ‘I know it’s raining, but it’s not very heavy, you need to go out there and water my flowers!’ I’m like, ‘Say what? Come again? I’m sorry, my hearing must be off! I’m not understanding you…you’re mumbling out nonsense again! You are kidding right? Are you punking me?’

She picked up her cane, pointed it at me and, with all her ferocious 87 years, demanded that I water her flowers…NOW! So, like the good daughter that I am, who respects her elders, I stomped out in the middle of her yard with her hose, in the downpour and watered her flowers!

If you happened to drive past my mother’s house and saw some idiot standing in the rain with a hose watering flowers, yup, it was me.

PS Good thing I have Chad around to balance out the ‘unreasonable demands’ cycle to balance out the universe. 🤠🦙🦃


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