Bitty Boy2 the wildman!

Ah, Bitty Boy2…the attack cat! My days are always an adventure with the non stop, claws out, flying through the air, shoe stealing, dog bothering, window screen climbing, chicken chasing cat that never sleeps for fear he might miss something.
He is on the lookout for any and all dust bunnies floating through the air, or a piece of paper dropped on the floor. He swats at dog hair floating past, or my favorite, rams his head into the wall at the sun beam in case it’s an alien from a different planet!

Bitty Boy2, my over active kitten that attacks my fingers on the stair rail as I’m going up or down. He climbs up my red puppy dog robe, new dress pants…anything that I’m wearing or might be thinking about wearing.

That cat sits outside the shower curtain batting at it while I’m in there, showing me his paw because streaming water is too much to pass up without a fight!

And, fight he does as he flys through the air to kill my mop, broom or vacuum sliding across the floor, leaving fresh cat paw prints as he follows me from room to room.

The feline who jumps into the fridge or dishwasher every time I open the door therefore making me stop, squat, look and chase out before I close it (yes he got stuck in there once and I only knew it because he was loudly meowing) . The cat who jumps into the litter box whenever I scoop out his poop, trying to go on the metal scooper. The thief who steals my shoes, eats my shoestrings, attacks my gray pussycat slippers in case they’re real and want to take over HIS house.

The cat that forces Biscuit the big ol Pit to love, sleep and play with him whether he wants to or not. Bitty Boy2, the fearless kitten who knows that the whole world revolves around him to cater to HIS needs!


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