The llama and the pig

I need a body cam! This is so funny! I walked to the gate to let the natives out into the yard to mow our grass (who needs a lawnmower when theres a llama or 3 to munch it down!).
As most of you know, Remi Doodles has a thing for Sweetie. The pig follows the llama around like a love struck teenager. Remi lays next to Sweetie, eats with her, and gazes up at her with adoration. Sweetie on the hand, hides from Remi, runs away from her, gets up and move when the pig lays down next to her, and gazes down with annoyance as she spits at the pig. Anyhoo…Sweetie was at the far corner of the pasture with Remi standing next to her. I opened the gate to let the llamas out and Sweetie came galloping with the fat little pig running behind her making a loud barking sound! I swear they only do this stuff when I dont have my camera! The llama and the pig running full speed from the back of the pasture to the gate. I actually laughed out loud. Sweetie got there first…of course…and I jokingly said to her, ” aren’t you going to wait for your little buddy?” I swear she knew what I was saying because she looked me straight in the eye, narrowed hers, and put her ears back like she was going to let me have it! I put my hand up and said, ” whoa little doggie, I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Sweetie ran through the gate, galloped towards the back of the house with the pig a step or two behind her! I think I heard the other 3 llamas snickering as the odd couple ran past them!


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