Cash or not?

Nothing like going to the store and say to the clerk, “oh wait, I have cash in my pocket”! I start to dig around and pull out some crumbled kleenx, a small dog biscuit from the bank, wrinkled receipts from their competitors, unwrapped gum, old candy that looks like its from the 1950s, chap stick without the lid that is sticking up and full of dead bugs, fuzz, and dirt (this is where the clerk takes a step back and graps the germ-x), and finally after the 12″ pile (that is covered in hay and straw mixed with sweet grain from the barn) is now on the counter! I slammed a hand full of pennies that are now green, with a few nickles and said in my most shocked voice, “gosh I was sure I had a ten in here”! The clerk glares at me, the manager is calling for another line to open, the 3 people behind me are offering to pay for my items so they can go home before dinner time, and me…well I’m fascinated by how the grain is forming a cool looking patteren that makes me want to take a pic of it!


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