The sun glasses

I don’t know, the more I wear my ‘by law must give’ sunglasses, the more I like them. After all, it makes everything a pretty orange…Dunkay looks kinda handsome in this color! Of course I scared everyone in the barn wearing them. I walked in and did my best Blues Brothers impression and the 3 llamas bucked at me then galloped out the door, Lincoln our alpaca, did his warning cry as he stood his ground, Dunkay checked my pockets for food, Dillon thought he would become a fainting goat (he always wanted to be one) and did, Laci yawned and fell asleep…again, and my rooster C.S., got between me and the hen with her two chicks, puffing his chest out! I rolled my eyes, took off the incredible hulk sized black glasses, and told everyone, “its okay, its only me, your favorite human”! Laci woke up and started eating, Dunkay kept digging in my pockets, Dillon opened one eye and looked up at me then closed it, still pretending to be a fainting goat…Lincoln glared at me, he didn’t think it was funny, and the 3 llamas? Well they’re still galloping in the pasture freaking out because they don’t know its a false alarm yet! Another, ‘oh brother’ day.


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