What’s stalking my animals???

Okay, this was weird. Lincoln and Violet were both screaming out their warning call as all four llamas and the donkey were staring past the field towards the woods behind our farm. So me, being the concerned, or more like the nosey farm mama, went out and stood with them trying to figure out what kind of predator was stalking my animals. I had all four (and a donkey) surrounding me, two are yelling and I’m squinting to see anything that might be ready to attack, kill, and destroy! After a few tense minutes of screaming llamas, we could see the weeds moving, kinda like Jurassic Park…you can’t see the monster, but its getting closer as the weeds part, twigs snap, the ground trembles! We all took a step backwards, Dunkay got behind me, Violet ran towards the gate, Sweetie fainted, Sammie whimpered, and Lincoln…he charged forward yelling out his war cry! And what jumped out at us as we all gasped at the same moment? A barn cat! Yep, that’s right…a 6 lb kitty cat! Lincoln looked at me confused, Dunkay went back to chasing leaves, Sweetie got up and trotted away. And the kitty? She came up and rubbed herself on my legs. From now on, I’m not going out there to see why everyone is so upset unless I see trees snapping in two! Sheesh.


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