Driving with mother…yikes!

Well, my Jeep decided that it wanted to see his favorite mechanic…again. I had to call my, ‘walks-slower-than-a-snail’ mother…who drives even slower, if you can believe that, or so I thought, to come get me. I waited, and waited, and waited. When I saw her finally drive up Dave’s Auto shop’s driveway, I thought the car was driving by itself! I couldnt even see the woman! The steering wheel was so high up above the dash board, that she was peeking through it. I thought to myself, “oh my gosh, they actually still let her drive”!? She safely parked after going around and around in circles like a dog does before he lays down. After the dust settled, I made the mistake by getting into the passenger seat. She grinned at me with her ‘I drive like the young woman I’m not’ smile, and hit the gas! We flew down the lane and into traffic without even slowing down! I was petrified! I’m trapped in a vintage cherry red Caddy with a little old women squinting between the steering wheel and dash board as semi trucks zoomed past us! She turned to me and asked where I wanted to go…after all, she was free all day so she would be able to take me to Florida and back if I so desired! I squeaked out that wanted to go to Clear lake. That made her very, very happy, she was taking her daughter to take pics! Granny swerved in and out of traffic like a race car driver, ignoring honks from the other drivers she passed while in their lane. Me, I prayed as my knuckles became white from hanging onto anything inside the car that wasn’t sliding around! After a few Hail Mary’s and mom slamming the breaks to miss a critter or two, we made it to the park alive!! She threw the Caddy in park as it was still rolling, and I got out faster than a speeding bullet! I kissed the ground with tears of gratitude, and took the keys out of her hand, informing my mother that I will never, ever, never, let her drive me around again!!!


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