Kyle babysits the animals!

Well, its sale day! About 15 min ago, Kyle showed up at the door with his pillow. He is barely awake so I’m glad he made it here safely. We always have someone baby sitting the animals if we’re going to be gone all day and Kyle is our farm babysitter. He knows the animals and boy do they know him! He will be doing farm chores, letting dogs in and out, in and out. He will be chasing kittens back into the house and prying them out of a dogs mouth every 15 to 20 min. He will be dodging the bee’s that have made a nest on our back porch. He is going to have a fun filled, exciting, adventurous day! Why do I think that? Because when I answered the door this morning to let him in, I saw Dunkay nod to the llamas who came running to the fence. They were all lined up staring at him, nodding to each other…plotting…planning….waiting for his first trip out to the barn! I feel bad because Kyle saw them lined up giving him that ‘look’. He said, “oh mom, look at them, they’re planning something…I know they are! Do I have to stay all day with them”!?! I put my arm around his shoulder as I pushed him inside the house and replied, “now honey, you know they’re just dumb animals, they can’t plot…I’m sure they’ll be good. There won’t be any problems sweetie”! As I said this little white lie, I looked over my shoulder at Dunkay standing there and shook my finger at him, giving him my most stern look. He nodded at me. Then in defiance, he bumped into one of the llamas, who fell into the alpaca, who kicked at another llama, who spit at the donkey which made him mad, so Dunkay bucked at the original llama he pushed, which made them all break out into a fight! I quickly closed the door so Kyle wouldn’t see the mayhem out in the pasture and offered him more money for babysitting.


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