Limping to the barn

I almost made it inside the barn today. I got as far as the door when the animals who were grazing in the far back pasture, noticed that mama was close by.  They thought that I had brought some tasty treats (cause they hadn’t seen me for days), so they ran, galloped, pushed, grunted and shoved each other trying to get to me first. But I am smarter than the average barn animal and had my cane with me!  I raised it up in the air and yelled, “WHOA LITTLE DOGGIES-STOP!!” It was like watching a cartoon, they stopped by thrusting their stiff front legs out, making deep ruts in the ground, The llamas who were bringing up the rear, fell into the front bodies, which made the whole herd cry out in sounds that you imagine you would only hear in the Twilight Zone!. After the dust settled, there was a pile of hooves and fur a mere 2 inches from me! I rolled my eyes, shook my head, turned around and limped my way back to the house as the ding bats untangled themselves.  From now on, Super Farmer is going out into the looney barn!  I’m sticking with ducks and rabbits!


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