CBS 2 News…Weather Watcher!

Okay, this will be fun! I contacted CBS 2 News in Chicago because they have a new thing called, ‘Weather Watchers’. Simple folks like me, can sign up to be an official ‘weather watcher’ and send them currant updates on temp, snow totals, photos and such. I talked to the guy who runs the program at the station and he was asking to change the name from Addie Acres to my name until I told him about the farm. Now he’s all excited about having Addie Acres and photos of our animals on the air when they do the weather! The profile photo on the air will be Sammie our llama! And get this…he and his family go to Garwood’s (the famous Apple Orchard) down the road and said he has seen our place because he remembers the 6 foot tall concrete hand out front! I keep hearing the song…’its a small world after all’. So if any one watches CBS 2 news at 5 & 10, look for Sammie and photos of the farm! We need an official website! Sammie will be giving out autographs in the near future!!


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