My Amused Neihbors!

I’m glad my neighbors can amuse themselves with my animals. I was doing laundry and had a basket filled with toasty warm clothes as I passed the big picture window. Out of the corner of my eye, I see 3 llamas, 1 alpaca and 2 goats staring towards the road. There they were, the 6 of them, standing completely still, staring straight ahead in the same direction facing the road. Lincoln starts his warning call, that I’m sure everyone within 3 miles has heard at least 320 times in the last 3 years now. Biscuit, Chippie & Bouncer perk up, run to the door pushing each other out of the way. Now, I have learned that whenever the animals are acting, ‘strange’ or should I say, ‘normal’ for THIS farm…I either get really nervous or roll my eyes knowing that there could be a chase involving ME about to happen! So I go to the door, fling it open, trying to figure out what in the heck half my herd is staring at! The dogs push past me and run to the gate barking. The animals are still staring, Lincoln is screaming out his war cry and the dogs are acting like total idiots! I cant see past the 20 foot tall bushes so I go from window to window trying to avoid going outside cause its cold and rainy. The folks across the street have their big, beautiful Lab out front on a leash, standing by the road making my llamas stare, yell and act like statues. The dogs however, are not frozen in one spot and bark at their pooch while running back and forth as they knock their furry, wet bodies into each other (Chippie fell a few times), which makes the Alpaca yell more. Oh my camera…where was my camera! The friendly folks across the street had enough of the noise and llama show and went back in. The herd went back to eating, and the dogs? Well, they kept up the barking, running and knocking into each other over a dog who wasn’t there anymore!


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