Snow and Happy Animals!

 The first snow of the season! So white, so beautiful, so cold, so annoying! I would like to think my animals are outside frolicking in the snow. That they are enjoying the white fluffy flakes, making animal snow angels, chasing each other with glee! HA!
I can guarantee that every single one of them are crammed in one tiny spot in the barn cursing the snow as they glare at eAch other cause ‘this one touched that one and he shoved me….she ate my stack of hay….they won’t let me lay down’…etc….
If I see anybody out in the pasture, it will be because the others chased em out there so there would be more room to claim and take over!!
Of course, the chickens will be scratching away in the snow looking for frozen treats.

 Oh happy joyful season! Santa will be bringing lots of burlap sacks of coal to the farm this year!!


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