My Horse Sparky is now in Heaven

Well I guess God is going to use my pain for His glory. Sometimes I can’t figure out all the unanswered whys. I guess it is not mine to question. My horse Sparky died today. My white horse. The one I bee lined to when we went to the miniature horse farm to pick out a horse. My girl, who lived up to her name…Sparky. She was young, full of life and mischief. She gave me lots to write about for my Grit blog and the Addie Acres Facebook page.
Every little girl dreams of a white horse, and I dreamed of owning one all my life. Sparky fulfilled that little girls dream. I don’t know why she passed. She was running around getting into trouble all day yesterday. No signs of an illness or of being in pain. She laid down inside the barn sometime last night and went into an enteral sleep. Laci was laying next to her as if guarding the body as Dunkay stood next to her. My 3 musketeers are no more.
This summer and now Fall, has been full of death and life changes that scream out the word….SUCKS.
I’m crying for my horse, for my little girl dream of owning her and for Laci and Dunkay who will surely mourn her.

Why God why, and yet, I understand that I am so blessed that my cup overflows.
My Sparky is now chasing Tribble and Cody, 3 pets who have been called home in the last 3 months along with my big bro.
Take care of my family, Lord….they are all important to me.


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