Bread bag and animals!!

Note to self….never go into the pasture and pick up an old bread bag with animals grazing near by. Why you ask? Because as soon as it was in my hands, every animal out there suddenly perked up, spotted the bread bag and ran to me thinking I had food! When I saw the stampede, I took off running for the gate! Sparky was on the left, Dunkay on the right, both goats in front of me and Laci bringing up the rear in case I dropped it. I yelled at everybody that the bag was empty but they weren’t buying it. I got cut off and surrounded by the savages. There was pushing, grunting, snorting and me in the middle trying to show them there’s nothing in there! One of them grabbed the bag and ran to the back as the others followed. I mean…come on! I quickly let myself out before they realized they were fighting over an empty plastic bag. When I looked back, the bag was gone, one of them ate it! True story!!!!

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