Mountain Goat and the forbidden grass!

Nothing like looking out the window to see my mountain goat on the other side of the fence eating the forbidden grass next to the road! I had to sneak out there, keep the gate open, while watching the llamas so they didn’t make a run for freedom and chase her back inside. She only zig zagged one time so I had her back in her own pasture within 40 seconds with no ‘crazy farmer lady’ yells! She trotted over to Dillon and they stood there nose to nose for about a minute. I think she was telling him about another escape planned for later on. I walked the fence, found her hole and fixed it the best I could as Dunkay stood next to me trying to grab the rope out of my hands. He thinks everything I carry is food and try’s to eat it…rope, scissors, plastic cup, bread bag (which he ate already), gloves, metal pans and so on!!! I stood up, admired my fix job and got nudged in the back by Sparky, she too thought I had food and was asking…no, demanding for it…all of it. I showed her my scissors as a ‘ha ha, no food’ and she grabbed them and took off! Now, I could let her try to eat them and hurt herself or I could run after her, which I didn’t feel like doing, and save her from certain death. I ran after her. I think they do this stuff on purpose just to hear me yell! I got my scissors out of her mouth and pointed my finger at her….I opened my mouth to scold her but figured why bother, she will only do it again. Sheesh. I will keep an eye on the mountain goat tonight, I can’t have her finding another weak spot and giving the Tank an idea to follow her.

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