Death and Family

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit and look at a computer screen. I’ve been limping down a long and painful road. My oldest brother tommy passed away from a massive heart attack the same day my father was forced into a nursing home after losing his battle with Alzheimer’s. Shortly after, my precious little dog Tribble, my constant companion, joy and comfort was run down on the street by a person who didn’t even bother to stop. My heart has been breaking in so many ways in the month of July that I can barley function. My dog Tribble is running around in heaven, sitting on the lap of my big brother who I adored and looked up to. My daddy is accepting the fact that he can never go home or what he thinks is home and my devoted mother is loving him right where he is and what he has become. The farm is still going strong, my animals have not stopped their daily annoyance and two days ago we found 6 little chicks under the wings of a hen who was hiding them. So as my life ended in certain ways, new life was beginning inside the barn. Time will heal my heart, my big bro and little dog will be a pleasant memory that warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. My dad will welcome his daughter into his arms even though my name has forever escaped his fragile memory. I will go on, I will survive, I will laugh and hug those around me. Addie Acres is my life and I refuse to let it slip away. Just give me a little more time before I write about the naughty horses, mischievous donkey the mountain goat that stares!


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