Home work? I got it covered!

I should be the one to receive the five gold stars tonight at the dog obedience class! they gave us ‘homework’ last week… to have your dog meet 7 new people, all colors, shapes, sizes and ages as well as new places! Well….I took Biskapit to the SB Memorial parade and let him walk with me in the parade (Chads school does the Fallen Heroes and march in all the parades)…so Biskapit got to meet hundreds of folks all down the parade path. Most folks oohhed and ahhhed over him, and he gave out so many kisses that I was surprised he had any saliva left! He also got to hear and see Fire trucks, police cars, riders on huge horses, marching bands and kids doing dances, flips and singing! Best of all….he got to ride back to the jeep in a huge Army truck that is 10 feet tall that we hade to climb up into like a rock climbing wall! Yep…I take our homework seriously!!!

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