Biskapit meets Sparky…the hard way

Poor Biskapit (our new puppy)…he ran after me into the field where the horses and Dunkay were grazing. I was trying to grab him to get him out of there. Sparky galloped full speed to him, then back kicked him so hard he bounced into the fence and laid there yipping in that high pitched puppy voice. I was worried the neighbors would think I was beating him! I picked him up and carried him to the house where I looked him over good…no broken bones, no blood. He snuggled under my chin and wouldn’t leave for about ten minutes. Within a half hour he was back to chewing on poor Cody our 17 year old Retriever. Well, I guess he won’t be demanding to play with the horses anymore!! The farm can be dangerous at times, I never let my guard down when I’m with animals that out weigh me by 200+ pounds!!!


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