Ghost Ship Sparky!

Well, at lest the snow that is now 100 feet deep (so it seems) gives me a reason to watch the animals with pleasure! Snow this deep makes my white horse Sparky look like a ghost ship in the back field. Because she only comes up to my waist (head high) her bottom half is buried in the snow leaving part of her tummy, back and head sticking up in some places out in the pasture. She looks eerie sailing around out there. A white shadowy figure in the middle of a thick sown storm, riding the drifting waves that completely cover her legs and the bottom half of her stubby body. Once in a while I can make out Laci the mini tank following her. Its like the ghost ship Sparky is pulling her brown fuzzy life raft as the spotted Dunkay shark circles around them. Yep, even a blizzard can’t keep those 3 inside the barn! Too much excitement trying to get lost in the blanket of white! Maybe they’re playing hide and seek!!

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