Ice Storms and Dancing Horses!

I enjoy the winter season for a couple of reasons. One, it gets rid of the fleas and flies and two, it gives my animals a reason to put on an entertaining show for me when I’m suffering those Winter Time Blues! The horses and Dunkay don’t seem to mind blizzards, ice storms or freezing rain. I especially enjoy the type of rain which quickly turns into ice, covering every surface on the outside world under frosty glass! My 3 brave soldiers will go out to the field searching for lost ‘grain mines’ hidden under the frozen layer of ice and snow. They trot like royalty, taking delicate steps on the ice, sorta like a ballerina but on hooves!  They will dance in sliding semi circles, heads held high to keep their balance, tails swinging back and forth in formation. All I need to do is fix a cup of hot chocolate, sit on the lazy boy chair under my heated throw blanket, turn towards the oversized picture window and watch the performance!!


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