Chad doing water duty!!

Our water hose to the barn is frozen, stiff, like a board. Which means we have to take large buckets, fill them up full with water at the house and drag them to the barn for the many animal water bins…oh wait, I’m sorry, did I say “WE”???   I mean…CHAD has to fill up the buckets and carry/slide them to the barn and re-fill tall, large, huge, deep water bins!  Should only take him an hour or so!  I was a considerate farm wifey and found a way to make his job easier by giving him a sled I dug up in the garage! Now he can put the buckets onto the plastic toy to help him ‘slide’ those buckets across the icy yard, into the pasture, through the barn door (after he chases the ‘guardian’ away) and do his farm duties! Piece if cake!!


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