Stormy our boy Llama can not win around the girls!

I feel sorry for our boy Llama Stormy. He is stuck in a closed up pen with the 2 girls and they won’t let him get any where near the grain.  He stands in the corner by the gate while the girls eat and spit at him. He is bigger and stronger than both girls yet they rule him with an iron hoof! They eat, he quivers. They spit, he ducks. The girls run to me for food, he begs me for help. I tried to split the girls up and give them the grain in opposite corners of their pen and sneak him some nibbles but as soon as I put my hand anywhere near him, they both run over and start spitting in his face while pushing him away. What does he do? He practically bows and slinks away staring at me with sad hungry eyes. I tried to rescue him until I couldn’t feel my toes anymore from the cold.  I couldn’t even get inside the gate to let him out and get away from Miss Domineering and Miss Control!

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