Goat stories!

Okay true goat stories….
You can take the goat out of the mountains but you can’t take the mountain out of the goat!  We have a small rock by our back porch that measures about 13″ tall & 18″ wide. You know, the kind you put somewhere for looks. Well, I came out of the barn to see our girl goat was standing on that rock…front feet on the top of it, back feet on the porch. Standing proud, head held high with a satisfied look on her face, she was dreaming of being up in the hills, face to the wind, wild and free. Then she saw me and forgot all about being in the wilderness and BAAAAAA’D at me for food!
I saw Dillon our boy goat, come up onto the front porch and start to eat my reindeer decoration that is made out of twigs and twinkling lights. I had to play tug of war with him to get it out of his mouth. I scolded him for being a bad boy but he ignored me (a trick he learned from Dunkay), he quickly brushed past and went for the matching deer on the other side of the post!  The nerve!

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