Cat on the roof

I went out to the barn to feed our many animals and I could hear this desperate meowing in the distance.  Where is that dang cat?!  I couldn’t find her so I stopped looking and did my farmer duties. I even made sure everybody got an ear rub or in Dunkay’s case a hard butt scratch.  I was walking back up to the house when that meowing started again.  I looked up and where was that stupid cat?? On the very top, uh huh, that’s right….the highest peak of the roof. She was so far up there that she looked like a little black speck! She wanted mommy to come get her!  Did I go?  Heck no!  She got herself up there, she can get her furry butt down. After I scolded her for being a bad kitty, she causally tip toed on the slanted shingles, jumped on the porch roof, leaped onto my jeep, then onto the ground. She slinked up to me, rubbed against my legs with a satisfied purr and gave me what looked like a smile. Sheesh! 


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